Stephan Philyaw

suiteA product of two cities, Los Angeles (City of Angels) and Atlanta (HOTlanta), Stephan is now a resident of Las Vegas (City of Sin)! Crazy how that all turned out. Fortunately, every city has been a major sports town. Mostly an LA sports fan supporting UCLA-basketball, USC-football, Dodgers, and Raiders (which would explain why his interest in football has not been very strong for most of his life). Stephan has a personal growing interest in the LA Kings and LA Galaxy, as his understanding for each sport increases. Stephan is aware that diehard Kings fans aren’t too fond of newcomers because of their recent success. But he guarantees loyalty to his teams. And finally, most of his energy and all of his pride lies with the LAkers! Consequentially, he doesn’t like anything Boston and quite frankly, every other team for that matter… simply because they. Don’t. Like. Us.

Son to Loyola Marymount University basketball Hall of Famer, Luther Philyaw, and cousin to ex-Raider football player, Dino Philyaw, Stephan is much more than just a fan of sports. He also played baseball and basketball up until his college years. Even though, Stephan had more passion for basketball, he was clearly more successful in baseball. Scouted by multiple pro teams (Braves, D-Backs, Rockies) and even tried out for the Cincinnati Reds at age 17. He drove interests from colleges such as Pepperdine, Cal State University of Hayward, and Georgia Tech. Ultimately, Stephan decided to go to Loyola Marymount University, where he would walk on for baseball and basketball. It’s a good thing he attended for something more than just sports because he decided not to play baseball, and unfortunately tore his ACL freshman and junior year playing basketball.

Which brings us to who Stephan is today. An LMU multimedia graduate who’s had tremendous opportunities to gain experience in the art/entertainment business in many aspects with a passion for competition and sport. He’s ecstatic about being apart of Joe Fan along with the creativity and personalities that make this show so fan-tastic!

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