Joe Fan Podcast: 2-8-15

Joe Fan LogoThe Superbowl is over and the NBA and NCAA basketball grabs the spotlight.  So, if you are a fan of dunking, layups, dribbling, the triangle, fancy footwork, and superhuman feats on hardwood floors, this is your favorite time of year.  And you’re definitely all over this week’s episode  Heck, it’s only February and we’re already excited for the playoffs and March Madness.  But, before we get to that, we have the regular season.  So, sit back and enjoy.

The NBA All Star Game is coming up.  The Pro Bowl already passed, as did the NHL All Star Game.  For many fans, All Star Games make for great banter.  Who’s in?  Who got snubbed?  Who do you want to take a big black sharpie and X them off the roster because they should definite NOT be in?  The Joe fan panel discusses the relevance of All Star Games, changes that would improve the games, and all things All Star.

All Star Games:  Relevance and How to Improve the Games

Probably one of the most agonizing parts of sports is officiating.  You hate ’em when they burn your favorite team, but love ’em when they help you win.  You’d be hard pressed to find a hardcore sports fan who doesn’t have strong feeling about officials, refs, and umpires. It’s more or less weekly that a story about officiating rears it’s ugly head.  Right now, there is furor over what Chris Paul said about NBA official Lauren Holtkamp.  The Joe Fan panel discusses this and gets into the state of officiating in 2015.

Officials, Refs, and Umpires – the State of Officiating in 2015

Basketball fans – hardcore and casual – always seem to have a preference.  They are either an NBA fan or hardcore college hoops.  What’s your preference?  The Joe Fan panel talks about their favorite and why one is better than the other.  Plus, what they like and don’t like about both.

NBA versus NCAA

Joe Fan knows what you were thinking during your morning commute:  You were wondering about the University of Utah.  Well, you’re in luck because Joe Fan has you covered!  Our Special Guest this week is Matt Newhouse from Salt Lake City.  He’s the biggest Utes fan you’ll ever meet.  The Joe Fan panel talks about the Utes athletic program, the PAC-12, Utah vs. BYU rivalry, and more.  He even shares some of his stories growing up playing ball in Utah – you definitely need to tune in for his Rick Majerus story.  After listening, we promise you’ll be wanting to follow what happens with the Utes for the rest of the season.

Utah Sports, the PAC-12, and Rivalry with BYU

As always, we close out this episode with some great Q & A sent to us by our Joe Fan Fanatics from around the country. Remember you can submit your questions to the Joe Fan panel to

Q & A for 2-8-15

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