Joe Fan Podcoast: 3-1-15

Joe Fan LogoJoe Fan is back recapping another great week of sports. This week’s Joe Fan panel is Clayton, Jeff, Matt, and our Special Guest Mo Noorali from Dallas, Texas.

The show kicks off this week with the biggest game in town: the NBA second half. As the NBA rolls on, we wade into the second half of the season and barrel towards the playoffs. The rise and fall of NBA teams in the 2014-15 regular season not only impacts the playoff picture, but has a huge impact on impending free agents. How will second half successes and failures affect the future of players like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, Goran Dragic, DeAndre Jordan, and others? It’s a huge upcoming off-season for free agents and teams looking to fill out their rosters. Teams such as the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, and 76ers. How will the dominoes fall? The Joe Fan panel looks at some of these individual story lines.

March is finally here and to any sports fan that means: MARCH MADNESS. The Joe Fan panel will look specifically at the ACC versus the Big 12. We’ll discuss which of the two has the edge and which has the chance to create excitement and interest in this year’s tourney. Looking beyond the ACC and the Big 12, what some deep mid major conferences? How does the West Coast conference rate?

The five favorite words of any true baseball fan: Spring Training is finally here! Who was the most aggressive MLB team this past off-season? The Joe Fan panel will reflect on a crazy MLB hot stove. Who was the most aggressive? What are some key factors as teams prepare for the upcoming 2015 season?

This week’s Special Guest, Mo Noorali, has a favorite player. You might have heard of this player. We are trying to remember… Oh right, that player’s name is LeBron James. The Joe Fan panel and Mo discuss all-things King James. We’ll find out how Mo came to be a LeBron fan. (Hint: He didn’t just jump on the bandwagon that headed down to South Beach.) We discuss LeBron’s already extensive career – past, present, and even look into the future. What is the impact of LeBron on our society and sports culture? What is the perception of LeBron relative to other teams and fanbases? If you like LeBron James or if you hate LeBron James, either way, you’ll want to check out Mo’s fantastic account of his career.

And finally, no Joe Fan episode is ever complete without our Joe Fan panel answering YOUR questions. This weeks Q & A covers everything from Texas versus Texas A & M rivalry, extreme sports, and actors who completely swung and missed when portraying an athlete.

To hear all the segments, click below:

NBA Second Half and Impact on Impending Free Agents

NCAA Conferences: ACC versus the Big 12, Mid Majors, and the West Coast

MLB Offseason Looking Back

LeBron James with Special Guest Mo Noorali

Q & A

Joe Fan Podcast: 2-22-15

Joe Fan LogoAlright fanatics, have you recovered from that whirlwind of an NBA Trade Deadline? What an amazing time to be an NBA fan! The Joe Fan panel kicks off this week’s episode diving into all the NBA moves that seemed to all come at the same time. If you couldn’t keep up, no worries. Joe Fan has you covered. The panel will discuss who were the winners and losers. What teams didn’t do enough, plus what were some of the moves our panel was looking for. Probably the most active team was the Miami Heat. We’ll touch on the Heat and their outlook for the second half.

Even though the season is over, it seems there’s always some big NFL news to talk about. (But isn’t that the way the NFL wants it?) The current story du jour is the recent flurry of activity surrounding football in Los Angeles. Is it possible for LA to have two or even three teams? The Joe Fan panel will talk about the possibility of football returning to the City of Angels after a 20 year hiatus. They’ll get into the teams they view as most likely and least likely suitors. Also, we’ll hear what the panel thinks about public financing of stadiums.

Safety in sports. That’s probably one of the biggest issues facing the sports industry in 2015 and beyond. From Kyle Busch’s recent crash (and resulting in sitting out the Daytona 500) to concussions and head injuries, and all the way down to youth sports. What responsibility do governing athletic associations have in terms of safety? How does this affect youth leagues? Some of our panelists even give their personal opinion in terms of sports and their own kids, and how they believe it relates to the direction of youth sports in America.

This week, our special guest is Andrew Golin from Las Vegas. Andrew’s favorite team is the Los Angeles Kings. We’ll talk with Andrew about his love of the Kings and NHL hockey. Andrew’s history with the Kings, their direction, their intense rivalry with the Anaheim Ducks, and his belief that Kings fans are the best sports fans in Los Angeles. The Joe Fan panel also talks to Andy about his opinion on hockey in the Winter Olympics and NHL expansion.

No Joe Fan episode is ever complete without some Q & A, where the Joe Fan panel answers questions from fanatics from all around the country. This week the panel talks retiring jersey numbers, sports betting in Vegas, and Mayweather versus Pacquiao. Remember, you can always submit questions to Joe Fan by email at

And there you have it! To hear segments for this week’s episode, click below:

NBA Trade Deadline

NFL Football in Los Angeles

Safety in Sports

NHL and Los Angeles Kings with Special Guest Andrew Golin

Joe Fan Q & A

Joe Fan Podcast: 2-15-15

NCAA CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT kicks off this week’s episode of Joe Fan.  We’re a year removed from major conference shake ups.  While done mainly for football reasons, this has had a huge affect on college basketball and the Big East.  Are we on a road of no return or is there a path back?  What does the future of NCAA conferences look like?

NBA FIRST HALF IS IN THE BOOKS!  What storylines are you looking forward to in the second half?  Teams on the bubble?  Teams that are looking a postseason push?  Our Joe Fan panel dives into it.  Plus, no week in sports is ever complete without a little drama… This week’s drama comes to you courtesy of DeMarcus Cousins and Charles Barkley.  Our Guest Fan has some choice words for Sir Charles.

THE 2014-15 CLIPPERS IN REVIEW.  That’s our featured team this week and the favorite team of our Guest Fan Charles Darden.  Charles has an interesting connection to the Clippers that’s a bit unique.  We get into a little Clippers’ history (yes, the Clippers DO have a history), plus all things Clippers: playoff expectations, Clippers’ future, the Ballmer era, and their rivalry with cross-town Lakers.

THE NFL COMBINE is fast approaching.  Admit it, as a football fan you either love it or…well…maybe not hate, but don’t care for it.  How much does Marcus Mariotta have to prove following his disastrous playoff game?  The Joe Fan panel weighs in on how much the Combine matters.  Plus, an interesting related NFL discussion about wide receivers’ Combine performances and how much it really matters.  Numbers say not much.  What do you say?

THE GRAB BAG covers a variety of topics:

  • Daytona 500 and a big week in racing.  Love the intensity of racing?  Or, think it’s just traffic and you deal with that enough during your daily commute?
  • Usain Bolt’s upcoming retirement and Michael Phelps’ decision to return to the Olympics.
  • The Cubans are coming!  More and more Cubans are entering MLB.  What does the Joe Fan panel see as changes to the international signing rules?  Could we eventually see an international draft?

Q & A, as always, concludes this week’s episode.  The Joe Fan panel answers your questions:

  • What does US Women’s Soccer’s 2-0 loss to France mean for the World Cup?
  • Will Adrian Pederson or Ray Rice be in an NFL camp this summer?
  • It’s the 25th anniversary of Buster Douglas taking down Iron Mike Tyson.  Will there ever be another heavy weight like Tyson?
  • Four years, $75 million for James Shields.  The Padres continue to make a splash.  Good contract or too much?
  • What’s the best baseball stadium?

Joe Fan Podcast: 2-8-15

Joe Fan LogoThe Superbowl is over and the NBA and NCAA basketball grabs the spotlight.  So, if you are a fan of dunking, layups, dribbling, the triangle, fancy footwork, and superhuman feats on hardwood floors, this is your favorite time of year.  And you’re definitely all over this week’s episode  Heck, it’s only February and we’re already excited for the playoffs and March Madness.  But, before we get to that, we have the regular season.  So, sit back and enjoy.

The NBA All Star Game is coming up.  The Pro Bowl already passed, as did the NHL All Star Game.  For many fans, All Star Games make for great banter.  Who’s in?  Who got snubbed?  Who do you want to take a big black sharpie and X them off the roster because they should definite NOT be in?  The Joe fan panel discusses the relevance of All Star Games, changes that would improve the games, and all things All Star.

All Star Games:  Relevance and How to Improve the Games

Probably one of the most agonizing parts of sports is officiating.  You hate ’em when they burn your favorite team, but love ’em when they help you win.  You’d be hard pressed to find a hardcore sports fan who doesn’t have strong feeling about officials, refs, and umpires. It’s more or less weekly that a story about officiating rears it’s ugly head.  Right now, there is furor over what Chris Paul said about NBA official Lauren Holtkamp.  The Joe Fan panel discusses this and gets into the state of officiating in 2015.

Officials, Refs, and Umpires – the State of Officiating in 2015

Basketball fans – hardcore and casual – always seem to have a preference.  They are either an NBA fan or hardcore college hoops.  What’s your preference?  The Joe Fan panel talks about their favorite and why one is better than the other.  Plus, what they like and don’t like about both.

NBA versus NCAA

Joe Fan knows what you were thinking during your morning commute:  You were wondering about the University of Utah.  Well, you’re in luck because Joe Fan has you covered!  Our Special Guest this week is Matt Newhouse from Salt Lake City.  He’s the biggest Utes fan you’ll ever meet.  The Joe Fan panel talks about the Utes athletic program, the PAC-12, Utah vs. BYU rivalry, and more.  He even shares some of his stories growing up playing ball in Utah – you definitely need to tune in for his Rick Majerus story.  After listening, we promise you’ll be wanting to follow what happens with the Utes for the rest of the season.

Utah Sports, the PAC-12, and Rivalry with BYU

As always, we close out this episode with some great Q & A sent to us by our Joe Fan Fanatics from around the country. Remember you can submit your questions to the Joe Fan panel to

Q & A for 2-8-15

Joe Fan Podcast: 2-1-15

Joe Fan LogoJoe Fan is back with a huge week in sports. The Joe Fan panel breaks down the Superbowl with reactions to the game, halftime show, fan experience from all corners of the country, and pre- and post-game story lines. Also, we’ll talk about other big football news not related to the Superbowl. Talking about the upcoming Hall of Fame Class of 2015. The panel will give their thoughts on who’s in and discuss some of the individuals candidates. Plus, we look ahead to the Class of 2016 which includes Brett Favre and Terrell Owens.

With the baseball season approaching, we’ll begin looking at different MLB teams. Our coverage begins with the most active offseason team – the San Diego Padres. This week, we have an in-studio guest: Patrick from San Diego. We’ll get his opinions on the Padres and our baseball experts will talk about their outlook for 2015.

And, as always, we’ll wrap up answering fans’ questions from around the country.

    Superbowl XLIX Breakdown and Reactions

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Joe Fan Podcast: 1-25-15

Joe Fan LogoThe Joe Fan Crew is back! This week’s podcast talks Superbowl. Our panel breaks down the biggest game of the year. What do they think about Deflate-gate? Which coaching staff has the edge? Hugs versus snubs! What do the Patriots and Seahawks need to do to win? Who could be MVPs for their respective teams?

While the sports world is anticipating SB XLIV, It’s not the only story in the world of sports. Out panel hands out their mid-season NBA grades and power rankings. What team has made the best moves? What NBA moves would our panelists like to see?

Plus NASCAR, Coach K, Australian Open, and more…

Deflate-Gate and Superbowl Coaching Staff Match-Ups

New England Patriots Breakdown, Keys to Winning, Which Pats Player Will Shine

Seattle Seahawks Breakdown, Keys to Winning, Which ‘Hawks Player Will Shine

The Grab Bag: Ernie Banks, Jeff Gordon, Australian Open, Coach K, Big-12 or ACC

NBA Mid-Season Grades and Power Rankings, NBA Transactions

Joe Fan Question & Answer

Joe Fan Podcast: January 18, 2015

Joe Fan LogoYour favorite fan is back – Joe Fan!  Tune in to this week’s podcast where the Joe Fan crew discusses the big stories of the week and answers your questions.

We’ve got a recap of the NFC and AFC Championship games.  We’ll look back at a WILD, maybe the craziest ever, NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and Packers. Are the Seahawks lucky?  Are the Packers unlucky?  Did the Seahawks simply hang in there and pull off a gutsy win?  Or, did the Packers blow it worse than New England blew up their footballs?  Speaking of the Patriots, where does their blowout of the Colts rank in NFL playoff history?

The crew will also discuss the NFL coaching hires and remaining vacancies.  Who’s a good fit?  Who’s a big yawn?

We look back at the big fight between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne.  As well as look ahead at some future boxing matches.  Are you excited for Mayweather versus Pacquiao?

Finally, we have some great questions submitted by our Joe Fan “Fanatics” from around the country.  Check out all the segments below:

Review of NFC/AFC Championship Games and Brief Superbowl Preview

NFL Coaching Hires and Remaining Vacancies

Wilder Versus Stiverne Recap, Plus Future Boxing Matches

Fan Questions