Joe Fan Podcoast: 3-1-15

Joe Fan LogoJoe Fan is back recapping another great week of sports. This week’s Joe Fan panel is Clayton, Jeff, Matt, and our Special Guest Mo Noorali from Dallas, Texas.

The show kicks off this week with the biggest game in town: the NBA second half. As the NBA rolls on, we wade into the second half of the season and barrel towards the playoffs. The rise and fall of NBA teams in the 2014-15 regular season not only impacts the playoff picture, but has a huge impact on impending free agents. How will second half successes and failures affect the future of players like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, Goran Dragic, DeAndre Jordan, and others? It’s a huge upcoming off-season for free agents and teams looking to fill out their rosters. Teams such as the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, and 76ers. How will the dominoes fall? The Joe Fan panel looks at some of these individual story lines.

March is finally here and to any sports fan that means: MARCH MADNESS. The Joe Fan panel will look specifically at the ACC versus the Big 12. We’ll discuss which of the two has the edge and which has the chance to create excitement and interest in this year’s tourney. Looking beyond the ACC and the Big 12, what some deep mid major conferences? How does the West Coast conference rate?

The five favorite words of any true baseball fan: Spring Training is finally here! Who was the most aggressive MLB team this past off-season? The Joe Fan panel will reflect on a crazy MLB hot stove. Who was the most aggressive? What are some key factors as teams prepare for the upcoming 2015 season?

This week’s Special Guest, Mo Noorali, has a favorite player. You might have heard of this player. We are trying to remember… Oh right, that player’s name is LeBron James. The Joe Fan panel and Mo discuss all-things King James. We’ll find out how Mo came to be a LeBron fan. (Hint: He didn’t just jump on the bandwagon that headed down to South Beach.) We discuss LeBron’s already extensive career – past, present, and even look into the future. What is the impact of LeBron on our society and sports culture? What is the perception of LeBron relative to other teams and fanbases? If you like LeBron James or if you hate LeBron James, either way, you’ll want to check out Mo’s fantastic account of his career.

And finally, no Joe Fan episode is ever complete without our Joe Fan panel answering YOUR questions. This weeks Q & A covers everything from Texas versus Texas A & M rivalry, extreme sports, and actors who completely swung and missed when portraying an athlete.

To hear all the segments, click below:

NBA Second Half and Impact on Impending Free Agents

NCAA Conferences: ACC versus the Big 12, Mid Majors, and the West Coast

MLB Offseason Looking Back

LeBron James with Special Guest Mo Noorali

Q & A