Joe Fan Podcast: 1-25-15

Joe Fan LogoThe Joe Fan Crew is back! This week’s podcast talks Superbowl. Our panel breaks down the biggest game of the year. What do they think about Deflate-gate? Which coaching staff has the edge? Hugs versus snubs! What do the Patriots and Seahawks need to do to win? Who could be MVPs for their respective teams?

While the sports world is anticipating SB XLIV, It’s not the only story in the world of sports. Out panel hands out their mid-season NBA grades and power rankings. What team has made the best moves? What NBA moves would our panelists like to see?

Plus NASCAR, Coach K, Australian Open, and more…

Deflate-Gate and Superbowl Coaching Staff Match-Ups

New England Patriots Breakdown, Keys to Winning, Which Pats Player Will Shine

Seattle Seahawks Breakdown, Keys to Winning, Which ‘Hawks Player Will Shine

The Grab Bag: Ernie Banks, Jeff Gordon, Australian Open, Coach K, Big-12 or ACC

NBA Mid-Season Grades and Power Rankings, NBA Transactions

Joe Fan Question & Answer

Joe Fan Podcast: January 18, 2015

Joe Fan LogoYour favorite fan is back – Joe Fan!  Tune in to this week’s podcast where the Joe Fan crew discusses the big stories of the week and answers your questions.

We’ve got a recap of the NFC and AFC Championship games.  We’ll look back at a WILD, maybe the craziest ever, NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and Packers. Are the Seahawks lucky?  Are the Packers unlucky?  Did the Seahawks simply hang in there and pull off a gutsy win?  Or, did the Packers blow it worse than New England blew up their footballs?  Speaking of the Patriots, where does their blowout of the Colts rank in NFL playoff history?

The crew will also discuss the NFL coaching hires and remaining vacancies.  Who’s a good fit?  Who’s a big yawn?

We look back at the big fight between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne.  As well as look ahead at some future boxing matches.  Are you excited for Mayweather versus Pacquiao?

Finally, we have some great questions submitted by our Joe Fan “Fanatics” from around the country.  Check out all the segments below:

Review of NFC/AFC Championship Games and Brief Superbowl Preview

NFL Coaching Hires and Remaining Vacancies

Wilder Versus Stiverne Recap, Plus Future Boxing Matches

Fan Questions

Joe Fan Podcast: January 11, 2015

Joe Fan Logo

The Joe Fan panel discusses everything in this week of sports. We’ve got a recap of the NFL Divisional Round Playoffs. Preview of the upcoming NFC and NFC Conference Championship games. The first ever NCAA Football National Championship Game – who do you like, Oregon or THE Ohio State??? Discussing MLB Hall of Fame voting and the 2015 inductees. Preview of the heavyweight match between Stivene and Wilder. And more!

Check out all the segments:

NFL Divisional Round Playoffs: Packers vs. Cowboys and Colts vs. Broncos

NFL Divisional Round Playoffs: Ravens vs. Patriots and Pathers vs. Seahawks

Preview of NFL Conference Championships: AFC and NFC

NCAA Football National Championship between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes

MLB Hall of Fame Voting and the 2015 Inductees

Stiverne versus Wilder, Heavyweight Boxing

Joe Fan Q & A

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