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Joe Fan LogoWelcome to Sports21seven, the home of Joe Fan!
Joe Fan is the newest, most interactive sports show on the planet.  The only sports show that offers you – the fan – an actual voice in our show.  A place where fans can be part of the national conversation.
Tired of talking heads? Tired of the same recycled opinions show after show on the 24 hour sports networks? Tired of the media telling you what you should think?
Joe Fan is: Of the Fan. By the Fan. For the Fan. It’s loud, it’s proud, not afraid to be biased and fun.
Joe Fan knows fan interaction is more than an emailed question or an online poll.  It’s more than a dismissive sound bite from a radio host. Join the Joe Fan family and have your voice heard, your perspective understood. Put your analysis to the test.
Be a full, equal contributor to the discussion. Only at Joe Fan.