Joe Fan Podcast: 2-22-15

Joe Fan LogoAlright fanatics, have you recovered from that whirlwind of an NBA Trade Deadline? What an amazing time to be an NBA fan! The Joe Fan panel kicks off this week’s episode diving into all the NBA moves that seemed to all come at the same time. If you couldn’t keep up, no worries. Joe Fan has you covered. The panel will discuss who were the winners and losers. What teams didn’t do enough, plus what were some of the moves our panel was looking for. Probably the most active team was the Miami Heat. We’ll touch on the Heat and their outlook for the second half.

Even though the season is over, it seems there’s always some big NFL news to talk about. (But isn’t that the way the NFL wants it?) The current story du jour is the recent flurry of activity surrounding football in Los Angeles. Is it possible for LA to have two or even three teams? The Joe Fan panel will talk about the possibility of football returning to the City of Angels after a 20 year hiatus. They’ll get into the teams they view as most likely and least likely suitors. Also, we’ll hear what the panel thinks about public financing of stadiums.

Safety in sports. That’s probably one of the biggest issues facing the sports industry in 2015 and beyond. From Kyle Busch’s recent crash (and resulting in sitting out the Daytona 500) to concussions and head injuries, and all the way down to youth sports. What responsibility do governing athletic associations have in terms of safety? How does this affect youth leagues? Some of our panelists even give their personal opinion in terms of sports and their own kids, and how they believe it relates to the direction of youth sports in America.

This week, our special guest is Andrew Golin from Las Vegas. Andrew’s favorite team is the Los Angeles Kings. We’ll talk with Andrew about his love of the Kings and NHL hockey. Andrew’s history with the Kings, their direction, their intense rivalry with the Anaheim Ducks, and his belief that Kings fans are the best sports fans in Los Angeles. The Joe Fan panel also talks to Andy about his opinion on hockey in the Winter Olympics and NHL expansion.

No Joe Fan episode is ever complete without some Q & A, where the Joe Fan panel answers questions from fanatics from all around the country. This week the panel talks retiring jersey numbers, sports betting in Vegas, and Mayweather versus Pacquiao. Remember, you can always submit questions to Joe Fan by email at

And there you have it! To hear segments for this week’s episode, click below:

NBA Trade Deadline

NFL Football in Los Angeles

Safety in Sports

NHL and Los Angeles Kings with Special Guest Andrew Golin

Joe Fan Q & A

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